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Co-operative design activities

This section brings together design research methods that involve users. Some require that users are brought into the design team, either at specific parts of the design development process, or in longer term ways.

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Co-operative methods for design & research

Methods requiring designers/researchers to work together with users - as part of the design team

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Involving users in practical trials

Users directly involved in practical trials & constructive discussions about their views & attitudes

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Lead user: committed user input

Consumers who are passionately interested in new developments and who become early adopters

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Non-researchers doing research

Method where an energetic, motivated group of people get together to create research ideas

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Rapid Prototyping: evaluation models

Realistic models based on CAD data, for evaluation by designers, clients and potential users

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User trials: controlled testing with users

'User Trials' test a product's interface with real users in a relatively controlled environment.