Design for All


This section contains examples of Design for All in practice: case studies of environments, products and services, and of companies employing inclusive design to achieve business goals. Others explore the methods and strategies implemented to achieve a particular Design for All. There are also day-in-the-life studies of older and disabled people, and inspirational examples of Design for All.

View of BBC offices in London

Business Practice

Companies that respond imaginatively to demographic and legislative change are reaping rewards. These examples demonstrate the Design for All approach in action through the management of product improvement, innovation, and brand development.

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Evaluation test for product bottle shapes

Design methods in practice

A deeper understanding of consumer needs and aspirations can deliver more usable and desirable products. Innovative designers, social scientists, and other researchers, are developing new methods to deliver truly Design for All concepts and solutions.

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Difficulty feeding baby on lap

Everyday lives

Day-in-the-life studies of older and disabled people give insight into their needs and aspirations and how their lives could be improved through design. Designers should build up their own collection of user profiles as a reference and as inspiration.

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Ladies climbing aboard a bus

Environments and Products

Around the world, designers are demonstrating the potential of Design for All through people-centred approaches to design thinking. The result is a fresh take on the design of environments, products, services and interfaces that put people first.

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Design for All competitions are breaking new ground and push the design envelope in ways that point to the future of truly accessible design. Examples are drawn from student competitions at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, along with other professional...

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